Using Animation Notifies in UE4

Integrating animation notifies in Unreal’s animation state machine

I recommend anyone interested in using event/animation notifies to check out Unreal’s documentation first. It goes over why you should take advantage of it, and some examples of use cases. It is mentioned in passing that notifies can be defined and used directly in the ASM (Animation State Machine), and I will show you how to do just that.

First Person Animations for UE4

Step-by-step tutorial for creating first person animations in Maya and integrating them into your Unreal projects

Animation is a powerful medium that can bring our fantasies to life. Animation in video games especially can be used to strengthen storylines or give necessary visual feedback to the player. Spending just a bit of time on custom animation can be that extra factor that gives your game added personality and uniqueness.

Adding Mixamo Animations to Unreal Rigs

Step-by-step tutorial for adding animations provided by Mixamo to standard Unreal rigs

So you acquired some models from the unreal marketplace and want to spice it up with some animations. While the UE Marketplace has a nice collection of animation packs, I will show you how to use Mixamo (A currently free (as of 2017) rigging/animation toolkit) to import an already rigged character from Unreal and export animations provided by Mixamo.


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